As a pioneer in software development, Uta Kapp has worked as a trainer and coach in the areas of software development and digitalization for the last 30 years. Her focus is on agile leadership and the self-organization of teams using the Scrum framework. She has trained thousands of participants in Scrum to advance their careers as Agile Leaders, Scrum Masters and Product Owners. She has accompanied companies in the transformation from classic to agile leadership.

Her mission is to empower women to lead in the digital age. From her point of view, digitalization and personal growth are inseparable for women. Her Feminine Agility concepts help women realize their potential and unlock their possibilities and dreams in the digital age. Women prefer cooperative and servant leadership more than traditional management. Uta helps them update the skills needed for this radical new type of management that lies at the core of successful technology companies, in order to advance their own careers and entrepreneurship.

Uta Kapp is a member of, the trainer network of Ken Schwaber, co-founder of Scrum. She was trained in Feminine Power concepts by Claire Zammit and is a member of their network. Uta has a B.Sc. (Hons.) in Computer Science (Univ. of Cape Town, Univ. of South Africa). She is trained in various coaching and therapy methods.


Uta Kapp

Uta Kapp
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