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Agile and Feminine is FeminineAgility

Many people ask me why I think that an Agile approach is at its core Feminine.

What is FeminineAgility?

FeminineAgility seamlessly blends the strength of feminine qualities—like empathy, intuition, and collaboration—with the dynamic flexibility of agile methodologies. This innovative approach enhances adaptability and fosters innovation within teams and organizations.

By emphasizing collaborative efforts and recognizing the unique contributions of each member, FeminineAgility cultivates deeper connections and a profound understanding across diverse groups. Its comprehensive strategy not only challenges traditional hierarchical structures but also promotes inclusivity, enabling teams to tackle complex issues with more effective and creative solutions.

At the core of FeminineAgility is the fusion of Feminine Power, a concept pioneered by Claire Zammit, with the principles of agile management, notably Scrum, introduced by Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland. Agile management revolutionizes collaboration by focusing on strong interpersonal relationships and the collective pursuit of a shared vision. Originating in software development, this approach is now gaining momentum across various sectors, demonstrating the power of unity and iterative progress in achieving common goals.

FeminineAgility represents a transformative path that leverages the synergies of feminine insights and agile practices to elevate organizational effectiveness and human connection.

Why do you describe Agile management as inherently feminine and how do these feminine traits contribute to the effectiveness of agile methodologies?


Agile Management is described as inherently feminine due to its emphasis on cooperation, community, empathy, flexibility, and responsiveness – characteristics that most people associated with feminine qualities. The agile Manifesto describes the origin of the agile Movement. The first sentence states:

“We are uncovering better ways of developing
software by doing it and helping others do it.
Through this work we have come to value:

Individuals and interactions over processes and tools”
The focus on individuals and interactions is perceived as a feminine principle. These traits contribute to the effectiveness of agile methodologies by promoting a work environment that values open communication, mutual respect, and adaptability. This allows everyone to contribute their creative potential to optimally meet the needs of the users.

What makes the presence of women in leadership positions especially important in the software industry, and how can their unique perspectives and approaches enhance the innovation and effectiveness of the sector?


A well-known principle in the software industry, Conway’s Law, suggests that organizations design systems that mirror their own communication structures. This principle highlights the importance of diversity in leadership positions, especially in the software industry where innovation and effectiveness are of utmost importance. The presence of women in leadership roles is particularly impactful for this reason:

Improved Collaboration and Communication: The leadership styles of women often embody feminine principles such as collaboration, empathy, and effective communication, which can transform the organizational structure into one that fosters open and productive idea exchange. This is then reflected in digital systems that are more user-friendly, accessible, and better connected through interfaces.

Inclusive Organizational Culture: Including women in leadership positions promotes a culture of equality and inclusivity. This cultural shift can lead to fairer communication structures within the organization, which, according to Conway’s Law, are reflected in the design of systems that are more inclusive and consider accessibility and usability for diverse user groups.

The software industry is at the heart of digitalization and reflects the impact of masculine dominance, for example, in the fragility of systems of airlines, the energy sector, and internet connections. Connect Drive, Smart Grids, and Internet Connectivity hint at the quality of connection and connectivity.

In what ways can feminine agility support the cultivation of intuition and inner guidance, core aspects of the teachings of Claire Zammit’s Feminine Power?

Feminine agility can significantly support the cultivation of intuition and inner guidance, core aspects of Claire Zammit’s Feminine Power teachings, in several key ways:

Creating Space for Reflection: Feminine agility creates spaces of psychological safety, where feedback can be given in a way that is not heard as criticism, but as positive. This enables individuals to listen to their inner voice, unlock deeper knowledge, and express it.

Valuing Emotional Intelligence: By emphasizing the importance of emotional intelligence, feminine agility supports individuals in recognizing and interpreting their feelings and emotions as valuable sources of insight.

Promoting Self-Confidence: Feminine agility creates space for self-confidence and encourages individuals to believe in their abilities and the validity of their inner knowledge. This confidence is crucial for following one’s intuition and expressing it.

Encouraging Holistic Decision-Making: Feminine agility advocates for decision-making processes that integrate rational analysis with intuitive insights. This holistic approach acknowledges the complexity of personal challenges and integrates all perspectives into solutions supported by the group.

Learning from Mistakes and Setbacks: Feminine agility views mistakes and setbacks as opportunities for learning and personal growth, rather than failures.

Facilitating Deep Listening and Empathy: Through the practice of deep listening and empathy towards oneself and others, individuals learn to distinguish between superficial desires and deeper, more authentic needs and aspirations. This ability is crucial for collectively making decisions that align with the true self of the individual.

How can feminine agility support more effective and empathetic communication in organizations, both internally and with external stakeholders?

Feminine agility supports more effective and empathetic communication by emphasizing active listening, openness, and the acknowledgment of diverse perspectives. Internally, it fosters a culture where feedback is valued as a tool for growth and encourages team members to express their thoughts and feelings in a safe space. This approach nurtures trust and strengthens relationships within teams, leading to increased collaboration and innovation.

Externally, feminine agility encourages organizations to interact with stakeholders in more meaningful ways. By prioritizing empathy and genuine connection, organizations can better understand the needs and concerns of their customers, clients, and partners.

Furthermore, feminine agility advocates for inclusivity and diversity in message crafting to ensure that communication reflects the voices of all stakeholders and respects cultural sensitivities. By combining emotional intelligence with strategic communication, it enables teams in organizations to adopt a holistic perspective.