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Agile and Feminine with Self-Confidence

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Strengthening self-confidence is seen as the most important issue by women, especially in a male-dominated business environment.

Creativity, imagination, empathy and the nurturing and nurturing of human relationships are considered feminine qualities. Raising this feminine potential is the personal path to success in the digital age. As the external barriers for women have fallen, the internal ones can now be addressed.

Raising your feminine potential is your personal path to success in the digital age. In the industrial age, it was important to embrace the masculine in business. We women have become accustomed to the essence of femininity in a professional context.

The external barriers for women have fallen. Now it’s internal ones that can be addressed. It is important to overcome old beliefs in order to increase your own potential. Instead of being pushed to the sidelines and silenced, it is important to be seen and heard.

How can we develop self-confidence when we know little and a lot is new.

Our feminine potential is the asset for the digital age. Confidence is about gaining clarity about how to move forward in a way that we can take advantage of it. If we cannot control the framework conditions because uncertainty, change and complexity dominate, then we need strategies and skills to take the next step in an anti-fragile and resilient manner.

Studies show that women need to be 100% confident that they can do this job successfully before they accept a job. Men only need 60% security. This creates major challenges in agile leadership scenarios. It is also called the “Imposter Syndrome”.

A saying I hear in agile teams, mostly Scrum teams and startup companies, is “Fail early, fail fast”. That’s easy to say, but difficult to implement. Guilt and shame are the feelings that affect us when we fail.

Agility helps us to become better. Agile management was first cultivated in software development and is spreading to all areas of business. In this workshop you can work hands-on on your next personal or professional vision for which you would like to have more self-confidence. It can be a grand vision that has you reaching for the stars, or what is currently challenging you.