Focus on accountability, taking baby steps towards your goals, sprint by sprint.

Welcome to Day 7, the culminating day of our FeminineAgility journey together.

I’m Uta, and it has been a profound honor to guide you through this transformative process, where we’ve embraced our feminine strengths to lead with agility and purpose. After yesterday’s exploration of building supportive communities and rallying teams around our vision, today we focus on accountability and the practical steps of moving towards our goals, sprint by sprint.

Day 7 is about action and reflection. It’s a day dedicated to setting the foundation for continued growth and achievement beyond this seminar. We’ve spent the past week uncovering our inner strengths, crafting visions, breaking through barriers, and connecting with our communities. Now, it’s time to translate these insights and energies into tangible progress.

Today, we will discuss the importance of setting achievable goals, creating actionable plans, and establishing accountability mechanisms to keep us on track. The agile methodology, with its emphasis on iterative progress and adaptability, offers a powerful framework for this process. We’ll explore how to apply agile principles to our personal and professional endeavors, ensuring that we continue to move forward with purpose and flexibility.

We’ll also talk about the significance of celebrating milestones, no matter how small, and learning from each iteration. Reflection is a critical component of growth, and today we will learn how to reflect effectively on our successes and areas for improvement.

Moreover, we’ll address the ongoing nature of our journey. The end of this seminar does not signify the end of our path toward feminine agility and leadership. Instead, it marks a new beginning, a point from which we continue to evolve, adapt, and lead with conviction and grace.

I encourage you to take today to not only plan your next steps but also to commit to a mindset of continuous learning and growth. Embrace the agility that has brought us this far, allowing it to guide your future endeavors.

Let’s approach Day 7 with a sense of accomplishment and anticipation, ready to take baby steps towards our goals, sprint by sprint. Together, we have laid the groundwork for a journey that extends far beyond this seminar. As we wrap up our time together, know that the essence of FeminineAgility and the power of our collective journey will continue to inspire and propel us forward.

Thank you for sharing this week with me, for your openness, and for your commitment to growth and leadership. Here’s to continuing our journey with resilience, agility, and the unwavering belief in our ability to lead and make a difference.

How to move on

Dear Participant,

I am very pleased that you have completed the seventh lesson. I now invite you to Sprint 2 on our 7-day transformative journey. After making significant progress and gaining valuable insights in the first sprint, this next sprint offers you the opportunity to deepen your experiences and further sharpen your skills.

Do me a favor and tell me about the potentials you see for you and how I can help you to reach it. Fill out this form for me.

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At the bottom of this page you find the direct links to the previous lessons. If you repeat the sprint, you will have the opportunity to revisit the themes and activities from Day 1 to Day 7, further deepening your personal and professional endeavors. Here is an overview of the program:

Day 1: Re-immersing in the agile mindset and the feminine forces that strengthen our projects.

Day 2: Deepening our visions and goals, with a renewed look at agile methods and feminine qualities.

Day 3: Further development and refinement of our personal visions.

Day 4: Continuing the work on the art of managing time and setting priorities for what is essential.

Day 5: Deeper engagement with internal barriers and strategies to overcome them.

Day 6: Expanding support networks within and outside of your teams.

Day 7: Focusing on accountability and continuous progress in small steps.

 I warmly invite you to re-engage and take the opportunity to deepen the dynamic and empowering lessons of this course. I also invite you to participate in our next “Immersive” to connect with other women. Let’s come together to share our experiences, learn from each other and continue to step into our power.

I would like to hear from you, what are the challenges and potentials you see for yourself in your business domain. I look forward to seeing you live online to taking this next step together.

With anticipatory regards,


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