Agile & Feminine Change Catalyst Mastery

Step 1: Overcoming Resistance to Change

Module 1: Understanding Resistance

  • Identify common sources of resistance within organizations.
  • Develop strategies to address and overcome resistance effectively.

Module 2: Building Buy-In

  • Learn techniques to gain buy-in from stakeholders and team members.
  • Create a compelling case for change that resonates with all involved parties.

Step 2: Fostering Psychological Safety

Module 3: Creating a Safe Environment

  • Explore the importance of psychological safety in team dynamics.
  • Implement practices to foster open communication and trust within teams.

Module 4: Encouraging Innovation

  • Cultivate a culture of experimentation and learning.
  • Empower team members to take risks and share their ideas without fear of judgment.

Step 3: Integrating Feminine Leadership Qualities

Module 5: Embracing Feminine Leadership

  • Recognize the value of feminine leadership qualities in agile environments.
  • Explore how empathy, collaboration, and inclusivity enhance team performance.

Module 6: Leading with Authenticity

  • Develop your unique leadership style that integrates both masculine and feminine qualities.
  • Practice inclusive decision-making and communication strategies.

Step 4: Leading Change with Confidence

Module 7: Change Management Strategies

  • Master change management techniques to lead successful transformations.
  • Navigate challenges and setbacks with resilience and adaptability.

Module 8: Empowering Others

  • Coach and mentor team members to become change agents themselves.
  • Inspire a culture of continuous improvement and growth within your organization.

1 day training, for all gender.

This is an internal course for employees of medium to large companies. The result of the training is an enhanced awareness what feminine traits are and how to infester them in an agile management scenario.

It is tailored for employees of all  gender, who want to explore their own feminine traits and be a sponsor for the feminine potentials in the company.


Uta Kapp

Certified Trainer for Scrum (PST) and Women Centered Certified Leader (Claire Zammit)

Uta Kapp has over 40 years of experience as a pioneer in software development and as a trainer and coach in the fields of software development and digitalization. She has specialized in agile leadership and the self-organization of teams using the Scrum framework and has trained thousands of participants who are now working as Agile Leaders, Scrum Masters, and Product Owners. Uta has assisted numerous companies in their transition from traditional to agile leadership and is recognized as a leading expert in this area.

Moreover, she is passionately committed to empowering women for leadership roles in the digital era. She believes that digitalization and personal growth are inseparably linked to women’s professional success. Her approaches to feminine agility enable women to fully realize their potential and achieve their dreams in the digital age. Uta promotes a cooperative and serving leadership style and actively supports women in updating their skills to master these new forms of management that are at the core of successful technology companies.

She is a member of and part of the trainer network of Ken Schwaber, co-founder of Scrum. Uta has also been trained by Claire Zammit in the concepts of Feminine Power and Women Centered Coaching, and is a member of her network and mastermind group.

Her academic background includes a B.Sc. (Hons.) in Computer Science, which she obtained from the University of Cape Town and the University of South Africa.



Tel. : +49-172-3068503